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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is your product Stimulife750™ another one of those Ephedra products?

    Stimulife750™ has been in development for over ten years until it was finally perfected and thus named Stimulife750™. The product is unique because it is the only nutritionally based weight loss and energy formula in existence today that truly works without Ephedras or Mahuang. Stimulife750™ is a synergistic blend of 16 herbs and 3 transport minerals combined with our key ingredient, naturally grown wheat grass.
    Wheat grass is a super nutrient vegetable that supplies a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to your body. Wheat grass not ONLY supplies nutrition, but it has also been shown to detoxify the body and oxygenate the blood and when taken 45min to 1 hour before you eat (with a 8-12oz of water) the combination of the herbs, transport minerals, and wheat grass suppresses the appetite.

  2. How does Stimulife750™ work to give you energy?

    Stimulife750™'s combination of 16 herbs, 3 transport minerals and wheat grass are synergistically combined to give you a feeling of long lasting energy. This feeling is much more subtle then the rushing feeling you get from an ephedrine-based product. In fact, Stimulife750™ makes you feel clearly alert like you should feel. Once you become aware of the Stimulife750™ energy flow, noticeable after about 45 min to an hour after consumption, you will never forget it. People around the world are saying "I've got the feeling" and " I love it!" Stimulife750™'s energy flow comes from the herbs damiana, foti, ginko, ginseng, gotu kola, green tea, guarana, wheat grass and our proprietary blend Dytrin.™. This combination of herbs and nutrients work to provide you the long sustained energy you need without "the legalized speed" that other formulas have.

  3. How does Stimulife750™ work to help you lose weight?

    Stimulife750™ has been uniquely formulated so that if you take the product 45 min to one hour before eating and drink at least 8-12 ozs of water to absorb the product in your system, the synergistic blend of the herbs and the high pure consideration of wheat grass will suppress your appetite, but will not kill your hunger pangs. Humans are supposed to eat! Having Stimulife750™ in your system when you eat will help you to feel full faster so you won't eat as much. The trick to weight loss is burning more calories than you consume. Obviously, consuming fewer calories will make weight loss almost certain.

  4. How effective is Stimulife750™ in helping people lose weight?

    The average weight loss for those using Stimulife750™ is approximately 10-15 lbs per month, which, according to most medical experts, is a safe amount of weight to lose per month. There have been reports of people losing as much as a pound per day for a month.

    (Note: By losing a safe amount of weight it will encourage your body to adjust it's metabolism)

  5. Can you accelerate the effects of weight loss using Stimulife750™?

    Permanent weight lose will occur by staying in balance with eating habits. Most people have had dramatic results by introducing one or more of the following changes to your daily routine.
      A. Drink more water, as much as a gallon a day
      B. Cut back on fat intake
      C. Eat every three to four hours consisting of:
        1) 3 to 4 oz. of lean protein (white chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef)
        2) Simple carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits)
        3) Some fat is necessary, you'll get it naturally in the above.
      D. Add aerobic exercise to your daily routine
      E. Concentrate on what you want to look like!
      F. Make positive affirmations

  6. What, if any, are some of the side effects of Stimulife750™ other than the nutritional value, energy, and weight loss properties?

    Some of the reported side effects are:
      A) An overall sense of well-being.
      B) Clearer Thinking
      C) Overall stamina
      D) Increase in sexual desire
      E) A general cleansing of the body (Detoxification)
      F) More restful sleep
      G) Hangover Helper
      H) Decreasing of the desire for caffeine, nicotine, and sugar
      I) Reduction in the incident of migraines

  7. What does your proprietary blend of Dytrin™ do?

    Dytrin™ is a unique citrus aurantium formula that has been formulated to increase the body's fat burning mechanism without dangerously affecting the heart rate or blood pressure. As apposed to Ephedrine, the herb citrus aurantium has also been shown in long-term studies to help stimulate the growth of lean muscle mass especially when Stimulife750™ is used when an individual begins a program of resistance training.

    (Note: Building lean muscle mass ='s burning more calories)

  8. How much Stimulife750™ is recommended that I take to get the maximum results?

    For most individuals of average height and weight taking 1-1/2 caplets 3 times a day 45min to one hour before eating will give that individual the desired results.

    The caveat here is " How much can I take?" Well, since Stimulife750™ is totally natural and safe; you really can't take too much. We are not advocate taking a third of the bottle but we are saying that if a man or woman has a very ferocious appetite, they can easily take two caplets three times a day. On the other hand, a man or a woman weighing over two hundred pounds could take three caplets three times a day. The bottom line is that your body will adjust to what's right for you with Stimulife750™, so long as you become in tune with what your body tells you.

    (Note: if what you are taking is not enough to curb the appetite or supply the energy you desire take more product!)

  9. If I have been an excessive user of an ephedrine-based product, what will be the effects for me?

    Stimulife750™ works on 85% of the people who try it the first time if they are not on any prescription drugs that could mask the effects of the product's natural ingredients.

    We have to look at excessive users of ephedrine a little different. Ephedrine builds up in the liver. When an ephedrine excessive user begins taking Stimulife750™, they need to almost take double recommended amount for at least the first two to three weeks to help purge out the ephedrine.

    Once this happens, the individual can then cut back on the quantity to a more normal dosage. So again, it's important to stay in balance with what your body is telling you.

  10. What are some of the symptoms of eliminating the ephedrine from your body?

      A) Headaches
      B) Tiredness
      C) Irritability
      D) Muscle aches
      E) Problems with vision
      F) Large appetite
      G) Sluggish metabolism Ephedra is a chemical causing methamphetamine.

    Which is a form of speed. It can and usually will become either physically or emotionally addicting. The above stated symptoms are the by-product of "kicking the speed".

  11. I have been taking an ephedrine-based product and my metabolism has slowed down. How can I increase it again?

    You need to eat! By skipping meals your body automatically goes into starvation mode and when you do eat, you might as well plant that food right into your hips. Your body saves all the foods you finally feed it when in starvation mode. By eating regularly your metabolism stays up and in a steady calorie burn 24 hours a day. Another bonus of eating smaller nutritious meals and snacks is that it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which in turn optimizes memory, learning and performance. You can increase your metabolism with such simple things as:
    1) Researchers have found that a 10 minute walk 15-20 minutes after a meal can speed up your body's fat-burning capacity (metabolism) by as much as 50%
      A. 5 minutes of physical activity in the morning.
      B. 5 minutes walk before lunch
      C. 5 minute walk after lunch
      D. 5 minutes of stretches
      E. 10 minute walk after dinner

    Within one week of doing the above your energy and stamina will increase!

  12. Can I take Stimulife750™ if I am a diabetic?

    If you are under Doctors' care please consult your physician before taking Stimulife750™.

    (Note: Distributors around the world have reported to us that their customers who are diabetics and have been cleared by their doctors, that it has decreased their desire for sugar.)

  13. Can I take this product if I have high blood pressure?

    If you are under Doctors care please consult your physician before taking Stimulife750™. Chances are it will be safe to take Stimulife750™ because it does not contain ephedrine or Mahaung, but let your Doctor be the decision maker.

    (Note; The way to ask the Doctor is: Can you tell me any reason I should not take this product?)

  14. Can I take this product if I am pregnant?

    There is a caution printed on the label of Stimulife750™ for pregnant or nursing women. So consult your Doctor.

  15. What is Mahaung?

    Mahaung is an herb used by the Chinese for hundreds of years to treat respiratory conditions. Mahaung produces Ephedra, which is close cousin to meth, which is speed.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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