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StimulifeStimulife750™ has all the good and nothing bad. Stimulife 750TM provides nutrients your body would require without the food you will no longer desire. (To insure safety and quality, Stimulife has formed a strategic alliance with a FDA-registered laboratory and pharmaceutical-registered manufacturing facility and has instituted testing and safety policies as outlined below.)

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Stimulife750™ has been in development for over ten years until it was finally perfected and thus named Stimulife750™. The product is unique because it is the only nutritionally based weight loss and energy formula in existence today that truly works without Ephedras or Mahuang. Stimulife750™ is a synergistic blend of 16 herbs and 3 transport minerals combined with our key ingredient, naturally grown wheat grass.
Wheat grass is a super nutrient vegetable that supplies a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to your body. Wheat grass not ONLY supplies nutrition, but it has also been shown to detoxify the body and oxygenate the blood and when taken 45min to 1 hour before you eat (with a 8-12oz of water) the combination of the herbs, transport minerals, and wheat grass suppresses the appetite.

Stimulife750™'s combination of 16 herbs, 3 transport minerals and wheat grass are synergistically combined to give you a feeling of long lasting energy. This feeling is much more subtle then the rushing feeling you get from an ephedrine-based product. In fact, Stimulife750™ makes you feel clearly alert like you should feel. Once you become aware of the Stimulife750™ energy flow, noticeable after about 45 min to an hour after consumption, you will never forget it. People around the world are saying "I've got the feeling" and " I love it!" Stimulife750™'s energy flow comes from the herbs damiana, foti, ginko, ginseng, gotu kola, green tea, guarana, wheat grass and our proprietary blend Dytrin.™. This combination of herbs and nutrients work to provide you the long sustained energy you need without "the legalized speed" that other formulas have.

East Meets West - The Next Generation Supplements

John Fike began studying nutrition and herbal supplements in the late 1970's to enhance his weight training and professional kickboxing career, as well as to assist with his father's persistent weight control problem and aging grandmother's debilitating arthritis. Mr. Fike's family also had a history of heart disease, which led him to increase his studies to include preventive care. Mr. Fike took this invaluable knowledge in the late 1980's and assisted in development of an herbal energy product.

Not being content with the true nutritional value, true source of energy and effectiveness of any herbal dietary supplement currently on the market, Mr. Fike continued his research and studies. Despite numerous setbacks, Mr. Fike remained steadfast in his belief that a nutrition-based energy and weight loss product could be developed.Test image This research included constructing numerous computer models with inputs of herbal and nutritional properties and desired effects, combined with the physiological makeup of the human body. His efforts included trips all over the world and untold hours of experimentation and discussion with doctors, dietitians, pharmacists, athletes and chemists. His work further included studies and interviews of individuals with a propensity to gain weight, which allowed him to incorporate ingredients to offset these mental and emotional factors in his developing formula. The result is Stimulife 750TM , a true weight loss supplement that increases metabolism, curbs appetite, enhances the process of food digestion, and provides nutrition-based energy. Most diet supplements on the market create a false sense of metabolic increase with minimal nutritional value. Two Stimulife 750TM caplets provide the nutritional equivalent of four servings of fresh vegetables.

Stimulife 750TM actually has vitamins and supplements your body needs that you will no longer be acquiring from the food you no longer desire. Stimulife 750TM is truly the best of all worlds. Stimulife 750TM increases metabolism, while suppressing appetite, and simultaneously provides energy and nutrition.

Mr. Fike has successfully taken the best of Eastern culture and products related to weight loss and nutrition and combined them with the best of the Western Culture related to the same. The resulting product is Stimulife 750TM , now commonly referred to as the next generation of herbal weight loss supplements, and a major breakthrough in weight control, vitality and energy.

After the Stimulife 750TM formula was perfected and in order to assure quality, consistency of product and timely delivery, Mr. Fike commissioned an Independent Testing Laboratory to institute a Dietary Quality Assurance program of pharmacology, clinical data, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and labeling. Mr. Fike's advisory panelists for this quality and safety assurance included leading toxicologists, physicians, botanists and pharmacoligists and chemists. These U.S. board certified specialists concluded that Stimulife 750TM is safe when used as directed.

Belief Structure

Stimulife owners, officers and management put strong emphasis on being active in the local community and encourage our network of Distributors to do the same. We are very active with youth activities and support of the underprivileged. Stimulife International Inc. is also involved in providing affordable housing in the community. We support several worthwhile causes, including meals on wheels and are open to any suggestions our distributors may offer to increase our community involvement and awarenes


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